Battle Tested, User Ready.

Milicom, the headset division of its parent company TAM, is the Headset and technology Leader for Push-To-Talk (PTT) Markets, including military, tactical, commercial and first responder customers as well as enterprise and OEM clients.

Milicom delivers unrivaled performance in noise with patented In-Ear Mic technology, and possesses a complete new line of headset solutions for ALL Vertical Markets.  Milicom headsets cover the Broadest number of Devices that leverage its flexible integration platform for the most Push-To-Talk partners and customers in the industry. Milicom develops custom solutions for partners to solve problems and possesses two innovative headset product lines which focus on the smart phone and the military/land mobile radio (LMR) markets.

  • TAM Milicom is a Cleveland-based company founded in 2002, focused on mobile communication and control solutions
  • TAM Milicom is an Industry leading voice capture technology (in-ear) company that it employs in its two product lines
  • TAM Milicom possesses proprietary Speech Recognition & Communication capability for high noise environments
  • Milicom has a flexible and versatile Push-To-Talk Platform for fast Integrations and rapid Time-to-Market for its customers and partners
  • The company is backed by strong Intellectual Property which is integrated into its breakthrough product lines